IHC provide update on long education equality battle

IHC have provided an update to their long-standing court case surrounding the rights of people with disabilities in education.

Back in 2008 – IHC took the matter to court over the discrimination of children and young people with disabilities at school. Since then, many changes have occurred right through the education system, but IHC argues that the core problem of exclusion remains.

One change saw an update to the Learning Support system – a high point of contention in recent months.

The case has actually remained with the Human Rights Review Tribunal. However, the case is just one of many, and the particular students used in the initial case have since left the education system. This makes the battle for IHC even harder.

IHC even wrote to the Minister of Justice to ask for further resources toward the tribunal – and that request was denied.

The case is yet to go to a full hearing – but IHC say they remain confident in the likelihood of future progress.

Until then, the current Government system continues to fail a lot of disabled people in New Zealand. Additional education for teachers is needed, more data and monitoring of learning, and a greater accountability at schools is just a few of the requirements.

IHC ended by saying that they want to see the rights of learners with disabilities recognised and responded to in real terms.




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