Inadequate Disability Supports stretches way past simple dollar value

For anyone receiving Disability Support of any kind – it goes way beyond just the dollar value and the assortment of the different services. That’s why support services need to remain, and they need to suit the needs of the individual.

Whether it be a full-time caregiver, or just a supportive friend helping a disabled person in their community, what gets provided is often invaluable.

If they work well, supports can enable people to achieve goals important to them, or at the very least, put them into a position to do so.

So, that’s why service cuts in New Zealand, and around the world, can have such a bad impact on people.

The damage to the routine and structure of those peoples’ lives goes far beyond the care side of things as well; it actually limits and sometimes takes away access to existing support networks and work opportunities.

But it’s a worldwide problem that stretches far beyond New Zealand.

The ‘upper tops’ in world Governments simply don’t grasp just how important a continual and simple support structure is to people with disabilities.

If change is ‘giving with one hand and taking with another’, that can quickly become catastrophic and it ends with the people’s individual requirements being at the very bottom of the priorities list.

Medicaid Changes Could Affect Thousands In United States

Over in the United States; thousands are at serious risk of having their existing supports cut due to changes surrounding Medicaid.

In a story published in The New York Times recently; a young woman preparing to graduate from law school has found her ability to work in the future under serious threat. Her existing support, provided from a funding package approved by Medicaid, currently enables the woman to attend her final exams and have the ability to partake in work experience. Cutting her support therefore takes away the existing structure which has allowed such independence until this point.

This is just one of thousands of examples should the changes to Medicaid go ahead.

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