Cabinet Paper for new Disability Support System released

The Cabinet Paper detailing high-level design for a new Disability Support System has been released by Nicky Wagner – and it makes for an interesting but not too surprising read.

Wagner, the Minister for Disability Issues, announced that changes to the DSS system were incoming earlier this year. Today, the first details of the cabinet paper have been released, and a new funding model aims to reduce assessment hurdles for disabled people.

“Disabled people will experience a real and meaningful difference with the new system. There will be a lot less red tape, more choice about the support on offer, and a range of easy ways to find information.”

The new system is set to include an information hub that provides people with various ways to make contact and be contacted. That hub will also be digital and can be accessed on smartphones and tablets. For those not wanting face-to-face contact; communication can occur via phone or email as a preference.

The new funding model will reduce assessment, therefore taking less time to implement, and is promised to give greater flexibility to users.

Personal information is managed by disabled people and their families – and the monitoring of progress will reduce compliance and works under the amount of funding each person receives.

The first roll out of the new system won’t occur until July 2018 in the MidCentral region – but that is dependant on how much progress is made during the detailed design process.

More to come.

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