CCS Disability Action Criticised For Facebook Post

CCS Disability Action has come under fire from parents of children with Autism after posting an article written in the US that claims that the condition is being caused by too much time spent on screens. 

The article, written originally on Mad In America, claims that some children show increased signs of Autism due to spending too much time in front of computers, tablets, phones, and from playing video games.

However, CCS has been accused of irresponsible sharing. Advocates for the ASD community and parents both say that CCS were irresponsible to share the post on their official Facebook page, claiming the article presents false information that can be easily disproven by experts.

One woman accused CCS of being “just another agency looking to blame the parents”.

The original article can be viewed here.

CCS Disability Action: “In No Way Supporting The Content Of The Article”

On Monday, CCS responded to the criticism and said the intention was to just share the article, due to it garnering worldwide attention, and that the organisation didn’t support the claims made surrounding causes of Autism.

To their credit, that is the actual truth of the matter. The article was simply ‘making the rounds’, and the organisation was trying to inform.

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