REPORT: Claims Emerge Of Bullying Within Be. Leadership

New claims reveal a a tale of lies and bullying culture amongst Be. Leadership directors and participants. 

Speaking to The Real Michael Pulman last week, a source says that a member was forced to pull out of participating in the programme due to directors saying they wouldn’t accommodate a particular support worker.  

The source, who asked not to be named for their own protection, claims that Be. Leadership made assurances that all support needs would be catered for throughout the year and covered in the cost. However, when one member showed up on day one of the programme, Be. Leadership said that the member would have to pay the accommodation and travel costs out of their own pocket. 

As a result, the member was forced to withdraw from the programme. Initially, it’s claimed that Be. Leadership directors attempted to guilt the member into reconsidering their decision despite the member saying they couldn’t meet the costs. 

When they were told the member was pulling out, they kept ringing and tried pressuring them into coming back. They said it wasn’t fair on everyone else there and that other people that applied previously hadn’t got in because of this member.

Only after several other people got involved and mediated between the two parties, the matter was dropped.

According to various sources, this particular example may not be an isolated incident either. It’s alleged that one participant who graduated from the the Be. Leadership 2017 programme is now in serious financial debt as a result of the organisation refusing to fund necessary supports and accommodation for them also.

Our source pointed towards strict funding guidelines and an ever increasing difficulty to cover costs as a key motivator for some of the pressures put on participants.

Every time Be. Leadership get funding for a programme, there are certain guidelines that must be followed. That’s why they put so much pressure on people to stay even if they are unhappy.

Be. Leadership, a “one-of-a-kind” leadership programme for people with disabilities, costs $17,000 per participant. Throughout the year, participants are encouraged to fundraise towards the cost. 

Another source close to The Real Michael Pulman claims that some participants were being encouraged to consume large quantities of alcohol during leadership retreats. That same source also said directors pressured participants into giving Be. Leadership positive feedback in a bid to stay a part of the coveted “Be. Leadership Alumin” post graduation. 

More to come.