“Chris Higgins will get a payout” – MDA insider

MDA’s National Council face a big problem in more ways than one as the fallout from Chris Higgins resigning from his role as CEO continues.

It was revealed yesterday that Chris Higgins had resigned, but National Council is yet to make a public announcement, and speculation about the terms of Higgins leaving the organisation is set to continue in the coming days.

Higgins informed The Real Michael Pulman today that if he were to make a public statement, it would be done so through formal MDA communication channels.

During an interview back in June, Higgins said that any decision over making a public statement to members would be made by National Council, and with the MDA’s CEO now resigning, National Council would be foolish to assume not making a comment to members about the situation is in anyway viable.

Some of the MDA’s biggest critics would say that Higgins’ resignation is a case of history repeating itself and that no statement from National Council will contain all the facts.

According to sources, former employees have received revenue from MDA streams after leaving the organisation. Is it likely that Higgins will get the same treatment? The longer National Council and Higgins remain silent on the matter, the more questions will be asked.

Yesterday’s announcement came as a surprise to everyone except National Council, Higgins had made no indication that he would resign from the MDA in any of his comments about the state of the association.

In his annual report, Higgins was strongly committed to the future of the MDA, citing various new plans to try to solve the financial difficulties that the organisation faces.

It is likely that the decision for Higgins to resign from the MDA was made by National Council, and with that said, some are speculating Higgins will receive a payout on his way out the door.

“No overspending” according to MDA in statement

Despite claiming so, the recently released statement by the MDA surrounding finances doesn’t bring fourth any clear evidence that overspending is not some of the factors involved in the $100,000 plus deficit.

In the statement, MDA cite increasing competition from other organisations for donations, and that the revenue from fund-raising was well below expectations.

Since spotlight when on National Office in April, some have speculated that the financial decision making of Chris Higgins as CEO of the MDA are a reason for the deficit.

Higgins is believed to be earning up to $150,000 annually in his role at the head of MDA, this includes benefits, and Higgins is left to make the day-to-day decisions regarding finances, and this is briefly overseen by National Council.

National Council appointed Higgins in the role, and Higgins said during an interview with The Real Michael Pulman that all decisions are made by National Council and not himself.

However, the statement released by National Office says that Chris Higgins is responsible for MDA’s finances.

The MDA provided no clear evidence that overspending was not a factor in posting its significant financial deficit. MDA also claim they have significant financial reserves for the next calendar year.