‘Prior Experience’ sufficient enough for CCS Disability Action

Some support workers are being sent into homes without training, or even orientation, as poor practice by CCS Disability Action coordinators continues.

Support workers are not speaking up about the poor practice by the coordinators they answer to – out of fear for their jobs. In some cases, new support workers are being put ‘on the floor’ with high-needs clients without orientation or any hands-on training.

A full orientation is compulsory for new support workers in most organisations and is set out in their employment contracts.

Recently, CCS Disability Action sent a worker into a home in Hamilton without the proper training – insisting that the worker’s ‘prior experience’ was sufficient. Another, more experienced support worker, raised concerns to coordinators but was told no orientation was required.

On May 9th, The Real Michael Pulman reported that some service coordinators at CCS Disability Action could be guilty of misconduct after another client in Hamilton was left with less than half of her allocated support.

At one point – the woman was receiving as little as two hours per week and had to scrape by, enlisting the help of other support workers who offered to help where they could.

CCS Disability Action president Kim Willetts denied those claims in a letter to The Real Michael Pulman – saying they were ‘defamatory and untrue’.

Willets didn’t acknowledge that an investigation into the situation had, or hadn’t occurred, at the organisations Waikato branch.

The Real Michael Pulman understands that the situation involving that particular woman was fixed in early 2017, but only after support workers discovered a letter signed by Disability Support Link (a major Needs Assessment organisation) and complained to CCS Disability Action coordinators.

Disability Support Link provided no comment on the matter when contacted on Tuesday.