Will Sony & Microsoft’s new consoles be revealed sooner?

Believe what you will, but one online source claims that both Sony and Microsoft are already well underway in the development process of PS4 and Xbox One’s successors.

Due to their inability to play 4K games, Sony and Microsoft may push past releasing an updated version to their current consoles, aka the PS4 Slim, and go straight to the next generation launch.

The sudden demand of VR technology is another factor at play.

Sony will soon release their VR Headset, called PlayStation VR, but some in the industry believe that only a new console with far more power can run virtual reality gaming at the standard required.

Back in September, Sony shot down rumours of a PS4 slim releasing anytime in the near future.

The next big event for Sony and Microsoft to reveal any new hardware plans would be at E3 in Los Angeles next year.

PS3 discontinued in New Zealand market

The New Zealand gaming market will no longer be supplied with PS3 units, once existing stock sells out, that is the end.

Credit: Wikimedia

The PlayStation 3 was launched in New Zealand back in April 2007, lasting over six years before Sony released its next console.

Time indeed does fly, and now in October 2015, just a tick under two years since the next generation become current, the continuation of the last batch of Sony consoles is set to stop.

While inevitable, the timing of PS3’s discontinuation in New Zealand is sooner than many expect and is perhaps a sign of the growing success that Sony are having with their newer console in this territory.

Black Ops III won’t feature single player on older systems

The new Call of Duty will not feature a single player campaign on older generation versions – but gamers won’t be too disappointed as the ever-expanding multiplayer experience will still feature on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Credit: Legit Reviews

Black Ops III launches in November and Activision revealed this week that PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game will not feature a dedicated single player campaign, while current gen versions will feature a brand new story mode to go alongside all the traditional multiplayer modes that the series is famous for.

Let’s be honest, most gamers who buy Call of Duty don’t hand over their money for the single player portion of the game. In fact, many jump straight into the online modes and never touch on single player. At best the single player modes in the series have been used for gamers to work out the new mechanics of the game, almost as a practice platform for the online experience.

It will be interesting to see the sales of Black Ops III on older generation consoles and will provide both Sony and Microsoft a decent indication of how well their previous systems are still doing in the market.