“Project Speargun tapped into New Zealand internet cables” – Glenn Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald has called New Zealand prime minister John Key a liar as the election week drama continues for National.


The NSA Bases and surveillance situation has become a problem for the National Party, and Key today was quoted as saying that Edward Snowden “may well be right” after yesterday strongly denying any of the claims made by the American journalist that New Zealanders data is accessible through a system called XKeyscore.

Snowden also claimed that there are two NSA bases in the country.

In an interview with Duncan Garner this afternoon, friend of Snowden and fellow journalist Glenn Greenwald has called John Key a liar and has accused the Prime Minister of knowingly lying to the NZ Public.

Greenwald claims that the first phase of mass surveillance with the GCSB and NSA has already happened.

The first phase included tapping into New Zealand internet cables. Phase 2 was going to implement metadata probes. It was given a name called “Project Speargun”, and it taps into data and communication.

During the interview, Garner asked Greenwald if Project Speargun was only meant to hone in on New Zealanders who were under focus for criminal activity, Greenwald responded by saying every human being has something to hide.

Greenwald went on to say that the quantity of data collected was in the billions.

“I am not going to say that every single email is stored in XKeystore data.”