Excited For Tomorrow’s Hangout With My Bro

The Royal Rumble is the most exciting match of the year for wrestling fans, and yes I know, wrestling is fake, at times boring and usually predictable, but still, I can’t wait to go pick Brooke up from Dey Street tomorrow and bring his ass to my pad for the event.


I will get my prediction out of the way quickly. It will be either CM Punk, The Rock, or Batista who wins the Royal Rumble match. Calling it.

So yes, just a short entry this evening.

The Royal Rumble is my second most anticipated PPV of the year, simply because of the excitement it brings, usually a couple of big returns or surprise arrivals too. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Jeff Hardy returned to WWE tomorrow? I have been following The Rock on Twitter and with all the photos he is putting up of himself working out in the gym, I can’t help but guess he may just pop into the Rumble at some point, but who knows. I really have been out of touch with wrestling as of late so tomorrow should serve as a good catch up for me.

It’s the first time Brooke and I have watched an entire PPV together. I am excited.

By the way, I had just the most delicious dinner before, roast lamb and veges, it was absolutely glorious.