Gaming journo Colin Moriarty’s shock resignation from Kinda Funny

Colin Moriarty is one of the gaming industry’s leading journalist. Photo: Save As Games

Popular games journalist Colin Moriarty resigned from Kinda Funny this week; ending his tenure of work alongside his best friend Greg Miller that has left supporters in shock.

Moriarty and Miller have been side-by-side right throughout their respective careers in gaming media. After leaving IGN, the pair formed Kinda Funny and teamed up with Tim Getty’s and Nick Scarpino. What followed was a groundswell of support, and two years later Kinda Funny found themselves growing from strength to strength.

Recently, Moriarty appeared on several political shows including The Rubin Report, and it seems that whatever he does next, Moriarty will be working in that field.

Both Miller and Moriarty say that different ideas of the future direction of Kinda Funny were a factor in Moriarty’s resignation. According to all parties, Moriarty didn’t resign over his offensive tweet on International Women’s Day.

Some commentators on YouTube say that a growing tension between Moriarty and Tim Getty’s was another reason for the co-founders’ departure. Getty’s acknowledged that he and Moriarty argued at times on air, but consistently denied rumours of a rift.

The future for Kinda Funny won’t be the same without Moriarty. Plans for Miller and Moriarty’s flagship PlayStation talk show PS I LOVE YOU XOXO are up in the air, but there are talks to merge the show with a Nintendo-based show, soon to be launched by Kinda Funny.

Moriarty says he has some exciting opportunities on the horizon but is yet to make an announcement.