Sex & Disability: Smashing down the barriers

Men, Women, Young, and Old, the discussion of sex and disability is now everywhere.

As time goes by, more and more disabled people are beginning to find ways of bringing the issue previously known as ‘the elephant in the room’ to light for mainstream society to consider.

Many people in the disability sector are guilty of putting the discussion of sex (as it pertains to people with a disability) into the ‘too hard basket’, throwing out all sorts of reasons why advocacy is better used in other, ‘more important’ areas. To have a lack of understanding surrounding sex for disabled people is wrong and immoral, but this has been the status quo up until now.  Continue reading Sex & Disability: Smashing down the barriers

Abusive Support Worker avoids punishment

Despite several complaints of abuse being laid against her, a Waikato-based Support Worker has been reinstated to work with a group of disabled people.

The abuse has been taking place inside a Residential Service based in Cambridge, where up to four intellectually and physically disabled clients live.

A source informed The Real Michael Pulman several months ago that emotional abuse had been taking place towards all of the clients in this service, one of which in particular who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and was constantly targeted by the Support Worker.

The abuse includes verbal and emotional. Continue reading Abusive Support Worker avoids punishment

Tom McAlpine’s Paths Together Acknowledges Disabled’s Need For Sexual Support

Paths Together is perhaps New Zealand’s only real legitimate advocacy organisation for the sexual rights and exploration for people with disabilities.

Paths Together was created in March 2013 by Dunedin-based Tom McAlpine and has since gathered over 1600 followers on Facebook.

The not-for-profit organisation, based mostly on social media, is a network that seeks to assist the disabled with the knowledge and skills to lead a fulfilling and healthy sex life.

Paths Together believes that disabled people do need assistance to achieve relationships and a sex life. Continue reading Tom McAlpine’s Paths Together Acknowledges Disabled’s Need For Sexual Support

13-Year Old Denied NZ Residency Because Of Autism

Immigration New Zealand’s decision to not allow a disabled 13-year old permanent residency is set to have the disability sector up in arms this week.

In simple terms, if you are not a New Zealand-born citizen and you have a disability, then you are not welcome to live here, at least in the eyes of the powers that be inside Immigration New Zealand.

Dimitri Leemans, a mathmatics professor at Auckland University, says he will leave New Zealand after his 13-year old stepson’s residency application was denied.

Young Peter Gourle, stepson of Leemans, suffers from Autism and because of his health needs, Immigration New Zealand declined the residency application for the 13-year old.

Immigration NZ says that according to specialists, Peter Gourle requires continues and structured residential care.

These services are already available in New Zealand, but according to Immigration, not for foreigners.

This comes after it was revealed that long time disability advocate Juliana Carvalho, a wheelchair user, is also battling to stay in New Zealand. Carvalho’s residency has been declined because of fears that she will “burden” the health system.