John Cena’s time in wrestling far from over

Will John Cena take a similar role to the Paul Levesque in WWE going forward?


John Cena has achieved everything in World Wrestling Entertainment – a career that has sprung him into various entities of Hollywood including movies and music.

To many, the concept of watching professional wrestling without John Cena in the ring will be almost impossible to grasp.

Cena has been working toward making a similar transition from the ring to behind the curtain much like Paul Levesque did, and when Cena’s time stepping between the ropes is over, Cena is set to be a producer/creative director of sorts.

On the microphone, Cena knocks his performances out of the park.

Creatively, the WWE would be wise to have Cena as part of their “back desk” once his time inside the ring is over.

By that time arrives, it is likely that Paul Levesque (Triple H) will be at the complete and total helm of the company as Vince McMahon gets closer and closer to taking a further back seat into the running of the business.

Is there going to be room for Cena to make a much-requested heel turn before hanging up the boots?


John Cena creates too much business for the company as a baby face to risk turning him heel before his career is over.

That isn’t to mention his popularity amongst children and placing within the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Cena’s career has much more time left upon it, he will remain a part of the WWE for years to come.

Roman Reigns wins WWE’s Royal Rumble

Roman Reigns has won WWE’s Royal Rumble in Philadelphia this afternoon.


As a result of winning the Royal Rumble, Reigns will perform in the main event on wrestlings big stage, WrestleMania.

The result was widely predicted, and once other Rumble hopeful Daniel Bryan was eliminated, Reigns was always going to be the man WWE were heading with this year.

The crowd reaction was mixed, and it appeared that many were behind the man Reigns eliminated to win the Rumble, the Russian powerhouse Rusev.

The Rumble saw a couple of surprise arrivals, and one big return in the form of Bully Ray who made his first appearance in a WWE ring for 10 years.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson also appeared at the end of the show, helping Reigns overcome Kane and the Big Show.

The other big result of the night was Brock Lesnar successfully defending his WWE World Heavyweight Championship after a thrilling triple threat match against John Cena and Seth Rollins.

Lesnar is set to defend his title against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania on March 29th.

WWE needs a shake up

With various websites reporting on how stale WWE has become, WWE need to address the immediate future and make it less mundane.


The general opinion is that the surprise arrival of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on this weeks RAW was the only major point of interest in recent shows, and was the only really exciting thing to happen since the last Pay-Per-View.

With WWE champion Brock Lesnar all but confirmed to not be appearing at Hell in a Cell, WWE now go into one of their more interesting shows of the year minus a championship match.

Is John Cena taking on Dean Ambrose meant to be a drawcard? Why hasn’t Seth Rollins cashed in yet?

The sudden injury to Roman Reigns eally derailed the WWE, who were banking on the interest he was generating. For many wrestling followers, frustration that WWE didn’t take the chance to have Lesnar bury Cena for the second time in a row back at Night of Champions is still alive and well.

And how can you blame them? The WWE botched what was a big opportunity that would have put Lesnar into the realm where he deserves to be in the business. Cena has had his time of overcoming the odds, an angle that WWE constantly push down people’s throats, he needed to be beaten solidly after SummerSlam.

Instead, WWE chose to have the only match on the card with any draw value end in a predictable non result. Now Brock Lesnar is off television, presumably until either Survivor Series, or potentially even the Royal Rumble.

Fresh and compelling needs to be the way forward for WWE heading into wrestlings silly season.

Having Roman Reigns return at the Rumble and win it is interesting, and would please a lot of people, but maybe something even more dire than that needs to occur. Lets not forget that Undertaker’s streak is over, and even if Taker was to perform at next years show, the big draw for WrestleMania began slipping the moment Undertaker shockingly stayed down for the three count in New Orleans last April.

Reigns, nor Daniel Bryan, or even Sting would be able to draw the crowd like Undertaker (with his streak still alive) would have.

WWE really do have a problem going forward, and need to do something quickly.

Maybe a little less about the $9.99, and more about creating something fresh and new should be on WWE’s agenda right now.

Lesnar retains WWE title as ending leaves much to be desired

John Cena won on the night, but WWE’s interesting ending to the main event at Night of Champions could now leave an almighty problem going forward with Lesnar still the champ.


Cena hit four “attitude adjustment” finishing moves on Lesnar, and managed to hold down the beast for three successive submission holds prior to the arrival of Seth Rollins. On the fourth “attitude adjustment”, Seth Rollins stormed the ring and destroyed what was a pretty decent main event until that point.

Cena got the win via disqualification, so that means Brock Lesnar remains the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

WWE’s angle with the ending to Night of Champions was both obvious but also unexpected.

You can understand the idea of not having the top man Cena lose two championship matches back-to-back, but with Seth Rollins not actually going through and becoming the new champion after cashing in has potentially left an issue for the next PPV.

Fans won’t be happy with a third successive Cena/Lesnar bout, so who does Brock Lesnar defend the title against next?

Once again, WWE had the chance to end a PPV well, but chose an annoying finish which ruined the main event.

Either a convincing Lesnar win, or a slightly surprising but warm welcome regather of the belt for Cena would have been a decent ending to an otherwise awesome PPV, but the WWE creative forces went with neither, and instead chose an alternative which made many feel like the big rematch between Lesnar and Cena was really a non event all said and done.

Expect John Cena to be put into an angle with Seth Rollins beginning from tomorrow’s episode of Raw. It remains to be seen what direction the WWE decide to take Brock Lesnar and the title picture in from here.

But despite the ending, Night of Champions will go down as one of the best PPV’s that the WWE have produced this year.

Reaction: Lesnar destroys Cena to take the title in a surprising SummerSlam main event

The main event at SummerSlam was barely a wrestling match, and it’s impact was quick and sizable. 


Brock Lesnar is the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and fans of John Cena will still be getting used to the reality of what they saw in the ring during the so called “biggest fight of the summer”.

Cena was completely and utterly dominated. The champ mustered practically zero offense. 

After losing the title in such a drastic and brutal fashion, where do WWE take John Cena from here? 

Lesnar delivered sixteen, yes sixteen German Suplexes to Cena during the match, and the second F5 was when the victory count came.

Cheers with ruffled laughter was the reaction of the crowd inside the Staples Center. Most predicted that Lesnar would win, but not many saw the match going the way it did, and certainly everybody was shocked at just how one sided the creative team at WWE decided to script the match.

Fans have never seen John Cena, arguably WWE’s top man, be dominated in such a fashion. 

But with Lesnar now as the champ, the question remains over how WWE will book him going forward. Will Lesnar defend the title at the next PPV? And who out of the current roster can you say is legitimate enough to take the title off Lesnar when the time comes? 

SummerSlam proved that it isn’t John Cena. 

Discussing Brock Lesnar’s viability as the champion should he win at SummerSlam

WWE have a brilliant main event set up for SummerSlam, but they have a issue when it comes to deciding the outcome of the match. 


Since arriving back into the WWE in 2012, Brock Lesnar has so far only wrestled at four of the PPV’s that WWE produce each year. In a deal reported to be worth $5million, Lesnar only works on a part time schedule. 

Brock Lesnar is the hottest commodity in WWE right now, and following ending the famous streak back in April at WrestleMania, the logical next step is for the “beast” to become WWE World Heavyweight champion. 

But having a WWE World Heavyweight Champion that only appears every so often would be a bad thing for WWE. If Lesnar is to become champion, WWE are going to have to work out how to make a title holder who works on a part time schedule viable, and also, make the championship picture be a drawcard for fans while working it under part time conditions. 

Maybe have Lesnar come back and defend the title at Survivor Series. But what do you do between now and November at the other PPV’s? 

It was reported a while ago that WWE planned on having Lesnar become champion at SummerSlam and have the former UFC Champion hold the belt until WrestleMania. 

So what to do this Sunday for the WWE writers? What direction will Vince McMahon go with?

John Cena winning and retaining the championship would be the less problematic outcome going forward. But many see Cena as a transitional champion. Having Brock Lesnar win would no doubt be the most popular avenue for WWE to take, but it is hard to see Lesnar being present for a decent title run, unless he becomes a regular every week on Raw, which according to the deal he signed with WWE back in 2012, won’t be an option. 

WWE could also go with having Seth Rollins cash in the Money In The Bank contract at the end of the night. This option is a highly likely outcome also.  


Excited For Tomorrow’s Hangout With My Bro

The Royal Rumble is the most exciting match of the year for wrestling fans, and yes I know, wrestling is fake, at times boring and usually predictable, but still, I can’t wait to go pick Brooke up from Dey Street tomorrow and bring his ass to my pad for the event.


I will get my prediction out of the way quickly. It will be either CM Punk, The Rock, or Batista who wins the Royal Rumble match. Calling it.

So yes, just a short entry this evening.

The Royal Rumble is my second most anticipated PPV of the year, simply because of the excitement it brings, usually a couple of big returns or surprise arrivals too. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Jeff Hardy returned to WWE tomorrow? I have been following The Rock on Twitter and with all the photos he is putting up of himself working out in the gym, I can’t help but guess he may just pop into the Rumble at some point, but who knows. I really have been out of touch with wrestling as of late so tomorrow should serve as a good catch up for me.

It’s the first time Brooke and I have watched an entire PPV together. I am excited.

By the way, I had just the most delicious dinner before, roast lamb and veges, it was absolutely glorious.