Cancellation of 2018 Disability Survey leads to uproar

The government is set to cancel the 2018 Disability Survey, leaving a lot of people and organisations furious.

The Disability Survey is usually conducted every five years and was last done in 2013.

The survey counts the number of disabled people in New Zealand and identifies what their individual needs are. CCS Disability Action say that the information is valuable to the government, and considering this, the move to cancel the 2018 survey has to raise a lot of alarm bells.

It is feared that disabled people in New Zealand could become invisible if the survey is cancelled.

The disabled population is increasing in this country, couple this with the big change the industry is experiencing with a new model of funding usage, this latest cancellation by the government seriously questions their serious commitment to taking a look at how these changes are actually affecting the disabled community.

Does the government just plan on making all these changes and not evaluating their success? Doesn’t feedback matter?

The loss of the survey will also affect New Zealand’s ability to report back to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities.

The survey will provide clear, updated, and in depth information to future proof the disability industry and improve the lives of disabled people, why the government is cancelling the 208 survey is beyond a lot of people.