John Key and National Party not off to a good start in third term

John Key and the National Party continue their rocky start during third successive term leading New Zealand politics.


The New Zealand Prime Minister has admitted that the situation surrounding Cameron Slater “could have been handled better”, but will not apologise for misleading parliament.

If you haven’t heard of this story, here is a quick breakdown.

Key told parliament last week that he had not been in any contact with controversial Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater, but shortly after that Key said he had received “unsolicited text messages”.

The transcript released by the Prime Ministers office confirms this.

Key has been in talks with Slater, if only via text message and only very briefly.

When talking to reporters, New Zealand’s Prime Minister said he could not remember when he had last received a text message from Slater, when in actual fact he had heard from the blogger just the night before.

Let’s take a look at all this.

The National Party were under intense fire heading into the election a couple of months ago, and so far the beginning to their latest term in parliament is off to a shaky start at best.

On the other hand though this could have just been a simple mistake from Key, and his decision this morning to remain in contact with Slater in the future will no doubt be another talking point in itself going forward.

All said and done, the new term in parliament is not off to a good start for John Key and his National Party.