New mechanics improve Madden 16 experience

The 16th installment of the award-winning Madden franchise does indeed shake up the formula to make game play feel refreshing.

Credit: Rant Gamer

Recent editions of Madden have lowered the difficulty of play calling for gamers who perhaps aren’t too knowledgeable of the sport.

While the standard play calling system mechanics remain in Madden 16; the attention to detail during each separate play offensively and when defending has had a shake up.

This time round it isn’t a matter of pressing the right button to throw to the open receiver, Madden 16 brings in an all new battle in the air and on the ground control mechanic which ensures that no sure fire catch is a guarantee or no 40-yard toss downfield is an impossible take.

It feels like a new, fresher, and more advanced version of Madden but remains simple enough for newcomers to America’s beloved sport to find their feet quickly in the game.

Not only is choosing the right open receiver crucial to making yardage in Madden 16, making sure the catcher is in the best possible position to make the play becomes much more controllable this time round.

Presentation wise, Madden 16 falls flat with dull commentary but the impressive graphics and entertaining intros keep it from being a total flop.

New modes this year include Draft Champions, where the gamer has the ability to draft their favorite past of present superstar to any team.

Michael Vick joins Steelers as backup QB

An infamous name in NFL has signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers as a backup to Ben Roethlisberger, springing a big surprise ahead of the regular season.

Michael VIck. Credit:

Michael Vick, former Eagles and Jets QB, will join the Steelers for the 2015/2016 NFL season after spending the summer as a free agent following ten appearances in New York last season.

Vick is infamous off the field as much as he is on it.

Vick spent two years in prison for financing an illegal dog-fighting ring, and interestingly, his first QB in command Roethlisberger is an advocate for dogs, including K-9’s in police. .

According to insiders, the Steelers were limited on other backup QB options apart from Vick.

Vick completed 64 of 121 pass last season, threw three touchdown and two interceptions, and was part of the Jets upset win over the Steelers in November.