PERSONAL: Above the bullsh**t

Last week I read on social media that my refusal to quit was a reason for apparently hurting someone.


Shortly after reading that I got told that someone had said that “anyone would be better than Michael Pulman” in reference to romance.

The people who say this feel that they are right – and who knows – they could be.

But to me, it is just a blatant overlooking of a very simple mindset that so many people – even themselves perhaps – have at many points in their lives.

For the people who try and make the best out of difficult situations – one of the hardest things to do in life is let go and move on.

I stumble into these traps practically everyday in some way or another.

Not for the first time I attempted to mend the fence with my ex-girlfriend last week and this was how these comments on social media began.

It was meant to be a private conversation – only to be shared on Facebook – the number one destination for opinion by the unjustified.

Again I found myself being met with the all so familiar feeling of having the best intentions but not being met anywhere near halfway.


While she said on social media that I hurt her – in reality what I really did was try to mend the fence.

I am quoted in the recent CCS Disability Magazine as saying that my mind is my biggest disability.

Not the wheelchair – my mind and my sickness of anxiety and depression.

I admitted that sickness a while ago now and have been openly seeking help in a very honest way.

As part of my part-time work in the disability sector I have been reading a book for review.

The book about this guy who was living a ‘normal’ life before suffering a horrendous accident and losing his ability to walk.

In the book, this man writes a lot about self-defeating thoughts and how powerful they can be.

Self-defeating thoughts are natural and they are usually present at times of hardship or extreme challenge.

Things that happen – like the past – are a big reason why a person will develop fear, lack of confidence, and self-defeating thoughts in a variety of situations where other people would say you are simply over thinking it all.

My point is – stay away from people or situations involving people that are impossible to fix (for whatever reason) because this will feed so many of those painful and self-doubting feelings.

Sometimes you can’t avoid these situations though right?

In that case – tell yourself that people will say what they want to say and you don’t give a shit!

If there is one message I want today’s blog to put over it is that the problems floating around in your head are often not as bad as you think. Positive thinking and looking forward will almost always simplify.

The thing that matters is what you know and what you believe.

Many many people out there I am sure are better than Michael Pulman in terms of romance.

But I am happy with myself, I am determined in the present, and excited for the future.

I haven’t moved on – I have moved above.