Discussing Brock Lesnar’s viability as the champion should he win at SummerSlam

WWE have a brilliant main event set up for SummerSlam, but they have a issue when it comes to deciding the outcome of the match. 


Since arriving back into the WWE in 2012, Brock Lesnar has so far only wrestled at four of the PPV’s that WWE produce each year. In a deal reported to be worth $5million, Lesnar only works on a part time schedule. 

Brock Lesnar is the hottest commodity in WWE right now, and following ending the famous streak back in April at WrestleMania, the logical next step is for the “beast” to become WWE World Heavyweight champion. 

But having a WWE World Heavyweight Champion that only appears every so often would be a bad thing for WWE. If Lesnar is to become champion, WWE are going to have to work out how to make a title holder who works on a part time schedule viable, and also, make the championship picture be a drawcard for fans while working it under part time conditions. 

Maybe have Lesnar come back and defend the title at Survivor Series. But what do you do between now and November at the other PPV’s? 

It was reported a while ago that WWE planned on having Lesnar become champion at SummerSlam and have the former UFC Champion hold the belt until WrestleMania. 

So what to do this Sunday for the WWE writers? What direction will Vince McMahon go with?

John Cena winning and retaining the championship would be the less problematic outcome going forward. But many see Cena as a transitional champion. Having Brock Lesnar win would no doubt be the most popular avenue for WWE to take, but it is hard to see Lesnar being present for a decent title run, unless he becomes a regular every week on Raw, which according to the deal he signed with WWE back in 2012, won’t be an option. 

WWE could also go with having Seth Rollins cash in the Money In The Bank contract at the end of the night. This option is a highly likely outcome also.  


Thank You.

The WWE writers ended the streak last night. For a scripted sport, it sure does hurt sometimes. But oddly enough, this hurt is a good one, because just look at what Undertaker did for the business ok.


Less than 24 hours removed from WrestleMania, it would be a fair guess to assume there is a lot of emotion amongst wrestling fans around the world today. I am still shocked, mainly over the fact that it actually happened. Wrestling never makes me cry, simply because it is fake, it isn’t real… but something happened at Mania this year which had me tearing up FOR REAL.


Last night we saw Brock Lesnar deliver the biggest shock in professional wrestling by ending The Undertaker’s 21 year long winning streak at WrestleMania.

Yes, what has always been a constant in wrestling is now over.

It is a funny thing about that word constant ay, we feel comfortable in it, we know what it is. When a constant is broken, it is upsetting.

Mark Calloway, aka the Undertaker, hasn’t just been the top man in WWE for the last 21 years, he has been the voice of knowledge to all the talent who have come through the ranks and has been the absolute benchmark of the sport. You don’t get higher than him. Jim Ross has been heard saying that for a wrestler to perform against Undertaker at Mania makes you a made man in the business.

Brock Lesnar, for whatever reason why WWE scripted it so, ended the greatest and most loved legacy in professional wrestling.

I don’t think there was one person inside the 75,000 sold out Superdome who didn’t have the same reaction last night.


Whatever the reason, whatever the reaction, whatever the heart break, Mark Calloway can be proud of what he achieved in wrestling. Just want to say a big thanks to Undertaker and everything he achieved in wrestling, all the heights he reached, and all the moments he created. That’s what wrestling is all about, it is creating a moment which will stand through time.

Brock Lesnar’s WrestleMania moment may well be the greatest moment of all time in the fake sport of professional wrestling.