PS3 discontinued in New Zealand market

The New Zealand gaming market will no longer be supplied with PS3 units, once existing stock sells out, that is the end.

Credit: Wikimedia

The PlayStation 3 was launched in New Zealand back in April 2007, lasting over six years before Sony released its next console.

Time indeed does fly, and now in October 2015, just a tick under two years since the next generation become current, the continuation of the last batch of Sony consoles is set to stop.

While inevitable, the timing of PS3’s discontinuation in New Zealand is sooner than many expect and is perhaps a sign of the growing success that Sony are having with their newer console in this territory.

Does The Cricket Game We’ve Been Waiting For Arrive Tomorrow?

I think its been the same with every cricket game that has ever released. I’ve always gotten excited, and while the possibility that Don Bradman Cricket 14 will be just as big a disappointment as any of those past titles which ALL failed, I have been VERY impressed with what I’ve read and seen from the game.

Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 9.31.03 PM

It was meant to be out in November, so now that we have reached April, you’d have to think that Big Ant Studios had big reasons to delay the game. Trickstar absolutely flopped with Ashes 13, in fact the game was removed from sale altogether because it was so bad. Reviewers called it the worst game ever made, so Big Ant Studios now find themselves in both a good and bad position to be in heading into tomorrow’s launch of Don Bradman Cricket 14. With all the positive press the game has been getting, Big Ant will make big sales when they launch, but due to the history of poor and extremely disappointing cricket games the market has thrown out in the past, no matter how good Don Bradman Cricket 14 is, the public will always be quite skeptical and will judge it harshly in most cases.

Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 9.30.15 PM Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 9.32.22 PM

When I really stop and think about it, the only cricket games that were any good were Shane Warne Cricket 99 (PS1), Cricket 2002 (PS2), and EA Cricket 07 (PS2).

It is high time a cricket game that is challenging, realistic, and a long term success was put into the hands of a niche audience that’s been crying out for something special which everything points towards Don Bradman Cricket 14 being.

What excites me is how much Don Bradman Cricket 14 has going for it. Graphically it looks good, not great, but the level of dedication that has gone into the representation of cricket realism has got me interested. Don Bradman Cricket 14 LOOKS like the game that captures the essence of cricket better than any other.

A career mode for the first time ever, the Cricket Academy allowing for downloads of all official players and kits from nearly every international, domestic, and best of teams from around the world, and bowling/batting gameplay that hasn’t been used in previous versions of cricket in games, Don Bradman Cricket does look seriously impressive. I am excited that this time there is no pitch marker, no HUD, and a far greater challenge on both batting and bowling than previous titles. Games like Rugby League Live were serious wins for Big Ant, sure they weren’t perfect, but they were enjoyable for the most part, can the same be done with the studios first entry in cricket?

Yes I think it can.

Sure, Don Bradman Cricket 14 could be one almighty disappointment when it releases tomorrow, but I think that this game has such a better chance of being successful based on what has been shown and talked about so far.

You can pick up Don Bradman Cricket 14 from tomorrow at a RRP between $80 and $100 in New Zealand.