Rugby Challenge 3: New Game With Old Annoyance

Rugby Challenge 3 is the same as what has come before, but with updated teams, more competitions, the addition of Sevens, and better graphics.

But at its core, Rugby Challenge 3 is the same game as Tru Blu released back in 2013, just with a newer, yet unimproved skin.

The new Be a Pro mode falls short with confusing camera angles, little incentive to keep plugging away, and no immersion whatsoever.

Nearly all the bugs in general game play have remained, including the referee’s whistle getting stuck and constantly blowing after a goal kick has taken place. Continue reading Rugby Challenge 3: New Game With Old Annoyance

Sevens to feature in Rugby Challenge 3

Rugby Sevens is set to feature in a video game for the very first time when Rugby Challenge 3 launches later this year.

(Photo credit: CGR Trailers via Google Images)

After kiwi owned studio Sidhe developed the first two games of the series, Melbourne-based developer Wicked Witch Software comes on board to deliver the latest instalment in the franchise.

Rugby Challenge 3 features ‘Be a Pro’ mode, allowing players to develop their own superstars in any position and take them through a 13-year career mode.

The addition of Rugby Sevens is a big win for Rugby Challenge 3, and this time round South Africa and English rugby have official licenses.

Super Rugby, ITM Cup, and Curry Cup will be officially licensed alongside eight other competitions that are yet to be revealed.

Rugby Challenge 3 has a lot to live up to after fans were left disappointed with Rugby 15 which came out late last year, and was viewed by some as the worst rugby game ever released.

Rugby Challenge 3 launches closer to the RWC later this year on all platforms.