Sky TV’s sustainability won’t last if problems continue

Sky Television’s response to angry customers complaining about the software upgrade is, perhaps, just as concerning as the myriad of problems that has come with the rollout.

Sky is believed to have completed the national rollout of its software upgrade across 800,000 homes with digital and MySky decoders.

Complaints have been coming in thick and fast, with the biggest concerns being over screen lag, sound/picture quality, and readability of text on the new software and navigation system on Sky decoders.

The new interface is completely different than what Sky customers have been used to.

Sky Television’s spokesperson Kirsty Way offered little reassurance in a statement overnight.

According to Ms. Way, the new software that Sky has released is the basis for the future.

This means that the push of the On Demand service won’t be halting any time soon, despite its content being laughably unsubstantiated. If the On Demand service is to work for Sky, they must lower their prices.

On top of that, many customers have already said that they don’t subscribe to Sky TV for its On Demand content.

Sky TV is most commonly subscribed to in New Zealand due to its coverage of rugby, league, and cricket via the Sky Sport package.

The movie channels were once a powerhouse, but that has fallen on the wayside for Sky in recent years.

Despite the complaints on Sky’s social media, which range in the hundreds and thousands, Ms. Way said that the new software package is still yet to be thoroughly tested.

Sky has promised a rollout of updates that will fix bugs in the new software.

Affordable rugby alternatives for Sky TV are not so cheap

Sky Television will allow for standalone season pass options, but it comes with a hefty catch.


A “season pass” to Super Rugby, or the NRL if you would prefer, will cost $299.00.

A monthly fee of $70 is available, or weekly for $29.

Access to the content will be through a website called Fan Pass which is powered by Sky Sport.

Although this option of standalone season passes is what consumers fed up with Sky TV’s high prices have been asking for, the fee for a single season of Super Rugby is surprisingly high.

Add in that this content is online only, it requires high speed internet and reasonably stable connections which in many areas are few in far between, consumers should be still a little skeptical about leaving the monthly $100 for their MySky HDi boxes just yet.

The new service rolls out next week.