REVIEW: Sonic Forces Wrestles With Differing Ideologies

Sonic Forces is a game that finds itself stuck between to generations and no real commitment to pick its desired pathway. 

The classic side scrolling style of Sonic makes its return during large parts of Sonic Forces. For the most part, it’s fun, but the games’ insistence on taking the more modern 3D approach hinders for half of the experience kept me feeling a sense of constant change. For some games that’s good, but Sonic Forces feels like it’s trying to cater to two seperate styles, the newer of which continues to just not feel like the Sonic we all know and love.

You could argue that Sonic Forces didn’t even need to be released, because what the franchise is known and loved for already released in the form of Sonic Mania earlier this year. So why Sonic Forces? Well, I wish I could tell you, but after sinking many hours into the game, that answer still isn’t clear.

Simple Yet Annoying Changes In Style Hinder Sonic Forces

Simplicity is the name of the game here, despite the constant change happening around you. Enemies are easy to beat, and you take turns between using Sonic and a custom made character, of which you design when first beginning the game. Boss battles can be tricky at times, but after a few goes, you quickly grasp just what it is you need to do in order to beat them. Story wise, Sonic Forces just didn’t do it for me, and I didn’t find myself asking myself what I was actually working toward whilst playing through the missions.

Stop the bad guy, that’s really all I knew throughout. Having said that, Sonic Forces isn’t built to feature a gripping story mode, the story is just an essential part to aid progression, and it’s a rather desperate attempt at that.

Some levels are fun, whilst others are downright annoying. The levels I particularly enjoyed were the side scrollers, but when the game forced me into playing behind the character, I found myself wanting to immediately put the controller down. That’s a shame, because if Sonic Forces just stuck with what it did well, the side scrolling, I’d be happy to keep on going and maybe redo some of the levels.

Sonic Forces Wrestles With Differing Ideologies

Whilst fun in patches, Sonic Forces could’ve been so much better if it stuck to what the franchise has always done well. It had all the tools to be better than it was, but it’s trickery with the formula keeps it from being a must have for fans of the famous hedgehog.