Mike Kings’ fight against Government is music to the ears

Mike Kings’ stance against the Government’s suicide prevention plan is exactly what New Zealand needed in a time where politicians sit on their hands.

King, who says suicide prevention is a responsibility for everyone, has attacked the Government over what he calls a ‘deeply flawed’ plan to cut down on suicide rates in New Zealand.

The comedian and mental health advocate is on of New Zealand’s well-known faces, and his stance has gathered a lot of attention in recent days.

As a direct result of a recently released draft strategy, King resigned from his role on the Governments board working on suicide prevention after two years in the role.

King has revealed, publicly, a fact that many people already know but don’t speak up about.

In New Zealand, young people are not being treated appropriately for suicidal thoughts, and in some cases, are sent back into the community within as little as two hours of arriving in medical facilities.

“People have to actually attempt suicide before they will get some action”, King said.

It is another reminder of how poor the health system is in New Zealand. Cost saving appears to be the priority, not quality of live for New Zealanders. King’s stance points to a bigger picture of the overall problem – and more prominent people need to start speaking out.

Currently, New Zealand has the highest rate of teen suicide in the modern developed world. That is a major black mark against this country’s health system – and one that needs to change fast.