Facebook Buying Out Twitter Seems More Logical Than Google

Twitter will likely be taken over soon, but will it be Facebook or Google who claim the prize?

It is fair to say that both Facebook and Google wouldn’t mind adding Twitter, once a monster power in the world of social media, to its resume.

Facebook has over 1.44billion users per month while Google+ is believed to have 2.5 billion users in total.

Buying Twitter would be a major ego boost for everyone at Facebook though.

Google already has full control and ownership of YouTube, the world’s most popular video sharing and streaming service that Google says has clicks from “one third” of all people on the Internet.

That is over one billion users using YouTube around the world.

Facebook taking over Twitter is far more logical.

Not only would Facebook take control arguably their biggest rival, but it would add just another missile to an already dominating social media platform that continues to grow and evolve.

Google+ and YouTube are simply not as mobile-friendly as Facebook has always been.

News Corp was also rumoured to be interested in purchasing Twitter, but the company was quick to deny any plans.

Twitter is currently worth around $1billion.

Warehouse Mobile launching around NZ today

One of New Zealand’s most recognised convenience stores is launching a mobile prepay service today, joining an already flooded mobile market.

The Warehouse Ltd will now provide a virtual network that partners with New Zealand owned and operated network 2degrees.

2degrees is reported to be providing technical support to The Warehouse.

Called Warehouse Mobile, the new prepay service promises customers the lowest rates in the country.

Warehouse Mobile’s service will cost 2c per text, 4c per minute calling, and 6c for data. According to the Warehouse Group, plans for launching a mobile prepay service have been on the drawing board for “some time”, and the number line is said to be 0284.

However, some believe that Warehouse Mobile will be a flop.

Julian Rivers-Smith of Auckland says that The Warehouse have failed in this area before.

“They own no infrastructure or cell sites,” Rivers-Smith said.

Warehouse Mobile will most likely use 2degrees infrastructure for the running of the service. Warehouse Mobile launches today.

PS3 discontinued in New Zealand market

The New Zealand gaming market will no longer be supplied with PS3 units, once existing stock sells out, that is the end.

Credit: Wikimedia

The PlayStation 3 was launched in New Zealand back in April 2007, lasting over six years before Sony released its next console.

Time indeed does fly, and now in October 2015, just a tick under two years since the next generation become current, the continuation of the last batch of Sony consoles is set to stop.

While inevitable, the timing of PS3’s discontinuation in New Zealand is sooner than many expect and is perhaps a sign of the growing success that Sony are having with their newer console in this territory.

Black Ops III won’t feature single player on older systems

The new Call of Duty will not feature a single player campaign on older generation versions – but gamers won’t be too disappointed as the ever-expanding multiplayer experience will still feature on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Credit: Legit Reviews

Black Ops III launches in November and Activision revealed this week that PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game will not feature a dedicated single player campaign, while current gen versions will feature a brand new story mode to go alongside all the traditional multiplayer modes that the series is famous for.

Let’s be honest, most gamers who buy Call of Duty don’t hand over their money for the single player portion of the game. In fact, many jump straight into the online modes and never touch on single player. At best the single player modes in the series have been used for gamers to work out the new mechanics of the game, almost as a practice platform for the online experience.

It will be interesting to see the sales of Black Ops III on older generation consoles and will provide both Sony and Microsoft a decent indication of how well their previous systems are still doing in the market.

Apple need to bring out larger iPods

With Apple set to reveal new versions of the iPad and iMac, focus should also be on iPods and potentially offering larger hard drives in their portable music players.


The iPod Touch currently offers music lovers a small 16GB, to a generous 32GB, up to 64GB of space in its largest model.

But that is certainly a very far cry from the whopping 160GB that the famous iPod Classic had.

The Touch, Nano and Shuffle versions of Apple’s music players are good for a quick on-the-go selection of music, but simply aren’t big enough to hold music libraries which some of the more hardcore music fans have built on their iTunes over the years.

With the discontinuation of selling the iPod Classic, Apple are still going to sell well in the market, but some consumers who are going to shell out a couple of hundred dollars for a new music player want to have enough space to store their entire music library, not just a portion of it.

Apple also know that some iPod users only use their device for small periods of time, but they can’t ignore those who use their expensive iPods and want to be able to access all of their favorite music.

It is highly unlikely, but Apple should seriously consider developing a newer version of the now discontinued iPod Classic.

Apple Watch may give a new market the boost it needs

While the new Apple Watch will bring some really cool nifty new ways of having information at your wrists, Apple’s new venture in the tech market seems laughingly absurd to many still.


The Apple Watch was the worst kept secret in the technology industry, and during today’s event Apple finally gave the world some information on just what the watch will do exactly. The watch, using either Wi-Fi or usual 3/4/5G speeds will show users their latest messages, Facebook updates, and bring simplified versions of all those apps that users of Apple have come to know and love. 

Being able to check notifications just by looking at your wrist is a pretty cool deal it must be said. 

Apple claim that battery life of the Apple Watch will be enough to last all day, with the expected charging easily able to be done at night. So if you are the type to wear your watch to bed, the Apple Watch may be a slight annoyance. 

No release date was given and expect Apple to heavily promote this new venture over the coming months. 

Let’s be honest, the tech watch market hasn’t exactly taken off yet. If there is any company than can make it a success, it is Apple.

What concerns many is the reliability of the watches “instant anytime anywhere” update claims. The majority of data networks around the world are shaky at best and often connections cannot be made, especially in high populated areas like cities where everybody has a smartphone and is Facebook messaging and Tweeting to their legions of followers while waiting at the sidewalk traffic lights. The world is connected to the internet more now than ever. 

Under more solid Wi-Fi networks, like at home or in the office, the Watch should perform much better. 

At the beginning of this story the word absurd was used. But aren’t all new ideas that have an element of risk to them referred to as absurd? If Apple market this watch well and present a price that is affordable for everybody, this could be the product that finally gives the tech watch market the kick up the backside it needs. 

But make no mistake about it, the Apple Watch is cool, but it will have people laughing at it well after launch as the idea of tech watches slowly becomes a slightly normal and curious option for tech buyers.