Arcady driving mechanics won’t hurt The Crews’ launch success

Ubisoft’s big open-world racer is just a few weeks away, but it has been met with some controversy following the latest run of closed betas.


Much talk has been about the handling physics brought by Ubisoft to The Crew especially since the last closed beta.

A large sum of Xbox One and PS4 players have aired their displeasure at the arcady and unrealistic driving style, some even going as far as calling the Crew’s driving physics the worst they’ve played in years.

Bradley Jenkin, a teenage gamer from Auckland New Zealand walked away from his closed beta experience satisfied.

“It’s a pretty good game, the graphics are pretty good and the gameplay is pretty nice.”

Responding to the controversy, Jenkin compared the handling in The Crew to an NFS style rather than a more hardcore simulation that the likes of a Forza brings to console gaming.

Just this year Ubisoft were slammed for the handling physics for driving in hit title Watch Dogs, and it appears at this stage that players can expect a similar driving physic in The Crew.

Though he only played the beta version, Jenkin said that the damage mechanic in The Crew was only cosmetic.

Without doubt, Ubisoft have created a racer that features one of the biggest open worlds seen in a video game.

Jenkin says the map in The Crew is two to three times bigger than GTA V’s vast open world in comparison. Ubisoft have opened up the entire west to east coast in the game, allowing players to drive through and visit some of the most popular towns and cities in America.

“I like how massive the map is, you can drive pretty much from the corner of New York all the way to Los Angeles.”

Confirmed cities in The Crew are New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Miami, Washington, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, New Orleans, Las Vegas, and more.

Train stations and Airports in The Crew are also interactive.

Players can use these as fast travel options if they don’t want to invest the time it takes to drive from coast to coast in game.

“From what I saw and from what I did there was a lot of customization. You can change all the different bumpers and side skirts, stuff like that.”

Looking ahead to the games launch, Jenkin says that not much could be improved to The Crew and believes that Ubisoft will need to ensure the servers that the game runs on are polished and running properly come launch day as the game requires constant online connectivity to be played.

The Crew is set for a NZ launch on December 2nd and will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.