Warehouse Mobile launching around NZ today

One of New Zealand’s most recognised convenience stores is launching a mobile prepay service today, joining an already flooded mobile market.

The Warehouse Ltd will now provide a virtual network that partners with New Zealand owned and operated network 2degrees.

2degrees is reported to be providing technical support to The Warehouse.

Called Warehouse Mobile, the new prepay service promises customers the lowest rates in the country.

Warehouse Mobile’s service will cost 2c per text, 4c per minute calling, and 6c for data. According to the Warehouse Group, plans for launching a mobile prepay service have been on the drawing board for “some time”, and the number line is said to be 0284.

However, some believe that Warehouse Mobile will be a flop.

Julian Rivers-Smith of Auckland says that The Warehouse have failed in this area before.

“They own no infrastructure or cell sites,” Rivers-Smith said.

Warehouse Mobile will most likely use 2degrees infrastructure for the running of the service. Warehouse Mobile launches today.

The Warehouse removing R18 games shouldn’t worry many

The Warehouse have made the decision that they will no longer stock and sell R18 video games and movies to New Zealand entertainment consumers.


The Warehouse say that the decision was made from community feedback and internal reviews.

But apparently another reason for the complete removal of anything rated R18 has been the recent release of the Next-Gen version of GTA V on PS4 and Xbox One.

GTA V has recently been under media attention for the depiction of sex in the all new First Person camera angle.

The Warehouse say this did have an impact on the final decision.

While the decision has angered some gamers and movie collectors, it isn’t really much of a surprise as The Warehouse want to try and keep their “family friendly” values intact.

This will also affect Noel Leeming, with all R18 games in DVD’s being pulled from those shelves as well.

For gamers in particular, this news shouldn’t be reacted to with much controversy.

There is simply so many options out there for purchasing as the gaming market is now more popular than ever. The Warehouse also see that they cannot compete with the likes of Mighty Ape and EB Games, and this decision shouldn’t harm the brand at all.