TPP Protests An Embarrassment For New Zealand

The TPP protest in Auckland on Thursday was an embarrassment to New Zealand, and it achieved absolutely nothing.

Say what you like about John Key’s decision to not attend the Waitangi celebrations, but can you really blame him?

According to Key, there has been a lot of misinformation about the exact details surrounding the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), and as Prime Minister of New Zealand, Key wasn’t going to head into a potentially dangerous situation.

There was a hypocrisy at play from the beginning.

Key wasn’t allowed to go to Waitangi and talk politics, but it was perfectly ok for Marae seniors and welcomed protestors to talk politics of their own.

The TPP protesters said that they would go about their business on Thursday in a respectful and calm way. The end result was as far from that as you could imagine. The protesters attempted to shut down the entire central city, causing delay to people trying to get to work and causing general mayhem throughout Auckland central.

Police have been wrongly labelled as bullies since Thursday, there was no bullying at play.

The majority of the protesters didn’t appear to know much about the TPP deal at all.

It is high time that a lot of people in New Zealand gave John Key and the National Party a break. We all want to be informed on too much, but the problem is, we New Zealanders only want to hear the things we want to hear.

Yes, the nation should have been consulted on TPP. Instead, we found out through leaked documents.

But, with that said, there is no reason for people to behave in the way they have since.

Attempting to bomb the political office of a National Party politician is just disgraceful. The sex toy incident on Friday isn’t funny, it is pathetic, and it makes a mockery of what started out as a very well-planned and intelligent point of view on the TPP that differs from the government.

The TPP protests achieved nothing that organisers envisioned, it escalated to the levels it did because of frustration and anger, because a lot of people genuinely believed they were making enough noise to make John Key do a u-turn on the signing of TPP.

A sad week for New Zealand, and an embarrassment to both sides of the TPP argument.