Facebook Buying Out Twitter Seems More Logical Than Google

Twitter will likely be taken over soon, but will it be Facebook or Google who claim the prize?

It is fair to say that both Facebook and Google wouldn’t mind adding Twitter, once a monster power in the world of social media, to its resume.

Facebook has over 1.44billion users per month while Google+ is believed to have 2.5 billion users in total.

Buying Twitter would be a major ego boost for everyone at Facebook though.

Google already has full control and ownership of YouTube, the world’s most popular video sharing and streaming service that Google says has clicks from “one third” of all people on the Internet.

That is over one billion users using YouTube around the world.

Facebook taking over Twitter is far more logical.

Not only would Facebook take control arguably their biggest rival, but it would add just another missile to an already dominating social media platform that continues to grow and evolve.

Google+ and YouTube are simply not as mobile-friendly as Facebook has always been.

News Corp was also rumoured to be interested in purchasing Twitter, but the company was quick to deny any plans.

Twitter is currently worth around $1billion.