Will Naughty Dog delay Uncharted 4 again?

With all the hype surrounding the finale to the Uncharted series, a delay till later in 2016 may not be the worst idea.

Naughty Dog, developers behind the blockbuster Uncharted franchise, haven’t hinted at the possibility of delaying A Thief’s End further in the slightest.

But the November window would give Sony a big boost heading into the next holiday season.

However, the finale to Uncharted has already been delayed on two separate occasions. But unlike a lot of studios, Naughty Dog has a proven track record of only releasing top quality, triple A selling games, so they can afford to delay a third time.

PS4 gamers still have a lot of other exclusive and third party titles coming out at around the same time as Uncharted.

Getting the game out in April is pleasing from the viewpoint that Naughty Dog haven’t released a title since 2013, marking three years, but if there is even a slight chance that A Thief’s End needs further polishing, Naughty Dog must delay again.

When Rockstar delayed GTA V until September 2013, the announcement was met with a mixture of uproar and acceptance.

The same scenario would apply for Naughty Dog with the finale to Uncharted.

Currently, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is slated to release in April.



Sony reveal a bunch of games during E3 conference

Sony’s E3 conference has many games, and whilst it wasn’t packing any major punches, some exciting announcements will still have gamers buzzing.

(Photo source: Engadget via Google Images) 

Sony announced a new exclusive partnership with Activision, the developer behind Call of Duty, and Black Ops III was shown in a live multiplayer demo before it was revealed that gamers on PlayStation would be the first to receive exclusive maps and content.

The Last Guardian was finally revealed after years of waiting and will launch in 2016.

Shortly after, a remake of Final Fantasy was also revealed.

Following on from Destiny’s original success, Bungie announced a sequel is due to release later this year and will be called Destiny The Taken King.

A new title in the Hitman franchise was revealed, and in IGN’s post conference show it was revealed that developers are planning to launch the title in early December.

Guerrilla Games are launching a new franchise called Horizon, and it puts the player in a pre society world fighting against robots enemies.

Project Morpheus was mentioned, but Sony quickly moved focus to a new television streaming service called PlayStation Vue. The service will let gamers sign up to the service and pay for individual channels.

As expected, Sony closed the conference by showing off some more of Naughty Dog’s hotly anticipated title Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Reaction: Strong E3 for Sony but nothing mind blowing

E3 was another strong outing for Sony in 2014, but it didn’t leave gamers with anything too memorable, and it certainly won’t see many go rushing to the pre order stands.

2013 was arguably Sony’s greatest E3, but with no new hardware reveals or groundbreaking sequels on the horizon for this year, PlayStation’s conference was never going to be as strong as last year and it was pretty much a case of interesting new announcements, games that look cool, but nothing that has bettered Sony’s position over Microsoft going forward.

Destiny is Sony’s big release this year, and the game will launch with a white PS4 bundle on September 9th. The white PS4 design looks amazing, and it will sell well.


No word was mentioned about DriveClub which surprised many, but the announcement of Dead Island 2 was one of the most memorable moments from this years conference. Like it did last year, indie developers took up much of the conference, too much in fact, with some cool looking games coming to PSN but nothing that had anybody terribly overcome with excitement. There was no mention of the rebooted Abe’s Oddysee either which had me a little disappointed. Other games which were shown yesterday include BattleField 5, The Order: 1886, Last Of Us Remastered, Mortal Combat, and Metal Gear Solid.

One of the most pleasing moments of the conference was the announcement that GTA V was coming to PS4, and it was confirmed that GTA Online data will carry over to the next gen systems, and that will no doubt see the higher quality version of GTA’s most popular installment ship many copies.

It wouldn’t be a Sony conference at E3 without Naughty Dog making an appearance, and to close out the show, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was revealed. It seems that the next game in the series may be the last, as much of the trailer showed Nathan Drake, a seemingly older Nathan Drake, be going back to Sully for “one last time”. If this is to be the final chapter in the Uncharted series then it will be a sad but bittersweet release for the PlayStation faithful, but hopefully A Thief’s End will be just as enjoyable and groundbreaking as all the other games the series has given.

In closing, Sony had another strong E3 in 2014, and their conference clearly outdid Microsoft’s. The PS4 is in a good position as Microsoft continue the fightback for brand surpremecy with Xbox One, but despite a strong E3 which promises some great things in 2014/2015, Sony haven’t really improved on anything that they came into E3 with.