A tribute to Phillip Hughes

Phillip Hughes died at St Vincent’s Hospital yesterday aged 25 after being hit in the head doing what he loved, playing cricket.


First thing’s first.

I really should have written something about this a lot earlier than now.But to be totally honest I have really been struggling to figure out what I can write that will differ from the sad reality that this situation is and will forever be.

The death of Phillip Hughes is being called the saddest day in the history of cricket, a statement all too true.

Games all over the world have been put on hold, and matches continuing on after a day of mourning and respect for Hughes will all be met with various ceremonies to honor Australia’s fallen batsmen.

Phillip Hughes was a cricketer through and through, and he died doing what he did best.

This tragic incident has literally rocked the cricketing world to the core, and nobody more than the family and friends of Hughes who have been at his bedside at St Vincent’s hospital over the last couple of days will be impacted greater.

Michael Clarke as Australian cricket captain is distraught and should be applauded for the tremendous job he did yesterday delivering the families statement during a press conference.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, for the best part of two days Clarke barely left Hughes bedside.


Clarke and Hughes are believed to have had a very close relationship off the field. Phil was like a little brother to Michael, they were the best of friends.

Not much else can really be said in all fairness.

But all discussion surrounding the banning of bouncer deliveries need to be squashed immediately. Banning short pitched bowling is the single worst thing that could come out of this tragedy, and Hughes himself I dare say would not want to see it happen.

Life is precious, and short, but friends and family of Hughes will remember him by the picture below.


He was a man who loved cricket.

The final thing I want to write in this piece today is about the bowler who delivered that ball, Sean Abbott.

None of this is his fault, and while I am sure the burden he will carry will live within him for the rest of his life, the entire cricketing public is supporting him just as much if not more than what they are for the Hughes family. Sport, like life, is a game of the unexpected and nobody could have predicted this.

Batsmen get hit on the head everyday by short pitched deliveries, the situation with Phil Hughes was a one in a million.

Here is hoping Sean Abbott goes on to become one of the best Australian fast bowlers off all time.

WWE needs a shake up

With various websites reporting on how stale WWE has become, WWE need to address the immediate future and make it less mundane.


The general opinion is that the surprise arrival of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on this weeks RAW was the only major point of interest in recent shows, and was the only really exciting thing to happen since the last Pay-Per-View.

With WWE champion Brock Lesnar all but confirmed to not be appearing at Hell in a Cell, WWE now go into one of their more interesting shows of the year minus a championship match.

Is John Cena taking on Dean Ambrose meant to be a drawcard? Why hasn’t Seth Rollins cashed in yet?

The sudden injury to Roman Reigns eally derailed the WWE, who were banking on the interest he was generating. For many wrestling followers, frustration that WWE didn’t take the chance to have Lesnar bury Cena for the second time in a row back at Night of Champions is still alive and well.

And how can you blame them? The WWE botched what was a big opportunity that would have put Lesnar into the realm where he deserves to be in the business. Cena has had his time of overcoming the odds, an angle that WWE constantly push down people’s throats, he needed to be beaten solidly after SummerSlam.

Instead, WWE chose to have the only match on the card with any draw value end in a predictable non result. Now Brock Lesnar is off television, presumably until either Survivor Series, or potentially even the Royal Rumble.

Fresh and compelling needs to be the way forward for WWE heading into wrestlings silly season.

Having Roman Reigns return at the Rumble and win it is interesting, and would please a lot of people, but maybe something even more dire than that needs to occur. Lets not forget that Undertaker’s streak is over, and even if Taker was to perform at next years show, the big draw for WrestleMania began slipping the moment Undertaker shockingly stayed down for the three count in New Orleans last April.

Reigns, nor Daniel Bryan, or even Sting would be able to draw the crowd like Undertaker (with his streak still alive) would have.

WWE really do have a problem going forward, and need to do something quickly.

Maybe a little less about the $9.99, and more about creating something fresh and new should be on WWE’s agenda right now.