What will Microsoft’s Xbox One Slim bring to the table?

With Microsoft expected to reveal the Xbox One Slim at E3 in June, just what will this console look like and will it be enough to bring in sales?

The Xbox One Slim will obviously be smaller in form factor, but how much smaller remains to be seen. No radical redesign to the VHS-like shape to the console is likely, but rather it will be much lighter and and smaller in all of its form factor. The touch-sensitive power button could be replaced, and the console’s operation will be much quieter.

A much larger HDD will be one of the expectations, presumably around the 2TB mark. It would be a surprise to see the power supply built into the console rather than be a standalone “power brick”, even despite the clear evidence that this is one of the big annoyances gamers have had with Xbox consoles over the years.  Continue reading What will Microsoft’s Xbox One Slim bring to the table?

Will Sony & Microsoft’s new consoles be revealed sooner?

Believe what you will, but one online source claims that both Sony and Microsoft are already well underway in the development process of PS4 and Xbox One’s successors.

Due to their inability to play 4K games, Sony and Microsoft may push past releasing an updated version to their current consoles, aka the PS4 Slim, and go straight to the next generation launch.

The sudden demand of VR technology is another factor at play.

Sony will soon release their VR Headset, called PlayStation VR, but some in the industry believe that only a new console with far more power can run virtual reality gaming at the standard required.

Back in September, Sony shot down rumours of a PS4 slim releasing anytime in the near future.

The next big event for Sony and Microsoft to reveal any new hardware plans would be at E3 in Los Angeles next year.