Crash Bandicoot returning to PS4 and Xbox One

Crash Bandicoot is set to make a comeback, with a fully remastered version of the original series releasing on PS4 and Xbox One this October.

Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2, and Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped Remastered has been redeveloped by Activision in full HD. The announcement was met with a loud applause during Sony’s E3 Conference on Monday, and as an extra special treat, Crash will also be available as a playable character in the upcoming release of Skylanders.

This marks the first time that Crash Bandicoot has been released in the over two generations of gaming.

Rugby Challenge 3: New Game With Old Annoyance

Rugby Challenge 3 is the same as what has come before, but with updated teams, more competitions, the addition of Sevens, and better graphics.

But at its core, Rugby Challenge 3 is the same game as Tru Blu released back in 2013, just with a newer, yet unimproved skin.

The new Be a Pro mode falls short with confusing camera angles, little incentive to keep plugging away, and no immersion whatsoever.

Nearly all the bugs in general game play have remained, including the referee’s whistle getting stuck and constantly blowing after a goal kick has taken place. Continue reading Rugby Challenge 3: New Game With Old Annoyance

Future For Xbox One Appears Unstable

The future of the Xbox One is a hot topic in gaming at the moment, and whichever way Microsoft decides to turn, it is a future that looks bleak.

When it was announced that Quantum Break, a major Xbox One exclusive for 2016, was also going to be available on PC, many gamers began speculating about the commitment Microsoft has to their console after 2016.

To their credit, Microsoft hasn’t rushed into releasing a slimmer, updated, and cheaper version of the Xbox One. In recent weeks it has become more apparent that doing this wouldn’t increase sales to the point where a serious challenge could be made to overthrow Sony’s stranglehold on the market with the PS4.

Deep down, Microsoft know that they won’t beat Sony, in this, perhaps the last, major console war.

To the casual gamer, the Quantum Break news came as a big surprise, but to the hardcore audience, it shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise that Microsoft has decided to go down this path.

Last year, Microsoft boss Phil Spencer said that his team were working on strategies to ensure developers could get their games could get on as many screens as possible, and Spencer then went on to praise Valve for the work they had done with Steam gaming on PC.

Cross-platform online between the Xbox One and PS4 would be a popular move to make, albeit controversial from the outset, but it also has the potential to impact on the future of the big exclusive titles that come to each console.

With Forza Motorsport, previously an Xbox only racer, now coming to PC, this impact is already beginning to a certain extent. Sure, Microsoft still own the Forza franchise, but is it really still an exclusive if it is available on PC, albeit in a watered down version?

Halo is also rumoured to be coming to PC when the next game in the series releases.

If Microsoft do ease their grip on releasing big titles just for the Xbox One and cross-platform to PC from now on, it could end the console war and hand dominance to Sony, at least from an ideological standpoint.

Rugby Challenge 3 Coming April 14

Rugby Challenge 3 finally has an official release date and will be available on April 14th.

Gamers have been aware of Tru Blu’s third instalment into the Rugby Challenge franchise for quite some time, but it had appeared that the game was in trouble as the release date was pushed back and back with no formal announcement.

Mighty Ape and EB Games have been informed that Rugby Challenge 3 will officially release on April 14th, and no later. Continue reading Rugby Challenge 3 Coming April 14

Charging for PS2 games could hurt Sony’s current dominance

For all the excitement about Sony’s ‘backwards compatible’ promises, the end result has left a lot of PS4 gamers furious.

It isn’t just a case of putting an old PS2 favourite like GTA: San Andreas into the PS4 console and playing, yes Sony are allowing gamers to play these old gems, but at a price.

A selection of classic PS2 games are available for purchase and download from the PlayStation Store, but it is requiring gamers to shell out additional money for the pleasure of playing a game that they have already brought.

Simply saying that gamers should keep their old systems is entirely beside the point.

Sony is winning the latest console war, and by a big margin. They aren’t in a position that requires charging gamers a price to download old games, most of which were released onto the market well over 10 years ago.

A lot of YouTubers have stated, quite rightly, that Sony is being greedy in this latest ploy.

How is it that the PS4, a far more powerful console than its rival Xbox One, is not able to provide gamers the luxury of playing old classics for free? Is this the beginning of Sony’s arrogance that will lead to a failed next generation?

It appears that nothing Sony does comes without a cost in 2015.

Graphically stunning Star Wars Battlefront needs quick price drop

Star Wars Battlefront is one of the hot games to hit the market this holiday season, but its reception has divided critics.

Battlefront comes with no campaign mode, and this has taken a lot of buyers surprised, even though EA made this news clear weeks ago.

Battlefront is primarily an online-based game that takes place on very popular, but limited in numbers, set of open world maps that are famous from the Star Wars saga.

But, no single player story for one of the most anticipated games and most loved film sagas of all time, is a big, big surprise.

The lack of a story mode and campaign in Battlefront is a major oversight by EA, but it could be a sign of where shooters are headed in the future.

Black Ops III didn’t come with a single player campaign on previous generation consoles, but at least Treyarch made the effort of putting one on PS4 and Xbox One versions.

In all other aspects though, Battlefront appears to be hitting it out of the park.

Graphically impressive, Battlefront packs a mixture of arcade and hardcore first and third person shooting as well as spaceship combat. Battlefront is being heralded for its attention to detail.

This is a game that brings the Star Wars universe to life in a way that has exceeded expectations.

Do a bit of digging around and gamers will find that Battlefront has a little more content that just the four maps that have gotten a lot of play on social media in recent days.

Simon Ryan, a gamer based in New Zealand, says that Battlefront makes up for its lack of variety with strong graphics and a good start to what is clearly going to be a long stretched out franchise from EA.

“There needs to be more variety in the planets and map styles, but graphically it is impressive and a good start,” Ryan said.

Cameron Goldstein, another gamer, was less impressed with Battlefront.

“I liked the originals better because I actually felt like it was Star Wars, yes the graphics in this game are impressive, but it feels like I am playing Call of Duty with a Star Wars skin,” Goldstein said.

The problem is the added expense that EA are forcing gamers into with the Season Pass. On top of the future expenses required, the fact that EA is charging gamers a full retail price off the shelf for Battlefront for what many call a sub-standard shooter with minimum content has been a source of much frustration.

Battlefront brings the world of Star Wars to life like no other game in history, but it needs a price drop, and fast.

PS3 discontinued in New Zealand market

The New Zealand gaming market will no longer be supplied with PS3 units, once existing stock sells out, that is the end.

Credit: Wikimedia

The PlayStation 3 was launched in New Zealand back in April 2007, lasting over six years before Sony released its next console.

Time indeed does fly, and now in October 2015, just a tick under two years since the next generation become current, the continuation of the last batch of Sony consoles is set to stop.

While inevitable, the timing of PS3’s discontinuation in New Zealand is sooner than many expect and is perhaps a sign of the growing success that Sony are having with their newer console in this territory.

Black Ops III won’t feature single player on older systems

The new Call of Duty will not feature a single player campaign on older generation versions – but gamers won’t be too disappointed as the ever-expanding multiplayer experience will still feature on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Credit: Legit Reviews

Black Ops III launches in November and Activision revealed this week that PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game will not feature a dedicated single player campaign, while current gen versions will feature a brand new story mode to go alongside all the traditional multiplayer modes that the series is famous for.

Let’s be honest, most gamers who buy Call of Duty don’t hand over their money for the single player portion of the game. In fact, many jump straight into the online modes and never touch on single player. At best the single player modes in the series have been used for gamers to work out the new mechanics of the game, almost as a practice platform for the online experience.

It will be interesting to see the sales of Black Ops III on older generation consoles and will provide both Sony and Microsoft a decent indication of how well their previous systems are still doing in the market.

New mechanics improve Madden 16 experience

The 16th installment of the award-winning Madden franchise does indeed shake up the formula to make game play feel refreshing.

Credit: Rant Gamer

Recent editions of Madden have lowered the difficulty of play calling for gamers who perhaps aren’t too knowledgeable of the sport.

While the standard play calling system mechanics remain in Madden 16; the attention to detail during each separate play offensively and when defending has had a shake up.

This time round it isn’t a matter of pressing the right button to throw to the open receiver, Madden 16 brings in an all new battle in the air and on the ground control mechanic which ensures that no sure fire catch is a guarantee or no 40-yard toss downfield is an impossible take.

It feels like a new, fresher, and more advanced version of Madden but remains simple enough for newcomers to America’s beloved sport to find their feet quickly in the game.

Not only is choosing the right open receiver crucial to making yardage in Madden 16, making sure the catcher is in the best possible position to make the play becomes much more controllable this time round.

Presentation wise, Madden 16 falls flat with dull commentary but the impressive graphics and entertaining intros keep it from being a total flop.

New modes this year include Draft Champions, where the gamer has the ability to draft their favorite past of present superstar to any team.