Liberty City incoming to GTA V

Speculation is mounting that Liberty City could be headed to GTA V in the form of a single player DLC, but Rockstar are yet to comment.

According to several trusted YouTube channels, Liberty City will be added to the world of GTA V, marking the first time that additional locations have been added to an existing game in the franchise.

Liberty City featured in both GTA III and GTA IV, with other fictional cities like Vice City and the state of San Andreas featuring in other titles.

Ironically, Rockstar said that a single player DLC would eventually be released for GTA V back in 2013 when the game was first released.

Since then, next to nothing has been announced, but in the last few weeks a lot of evidence has surfaced that points to a major DLC update incoming.

If Liberty City does come to GTA V, it would likely be an option where gamers can fly from Los Santos International Airport. Wether gamers get to partake in the flight or a loading screen appears remains to be seen.

The single player DLC update to GTA will likely come at a cost to gamers.