Gaming journo Colin Moriarty’s shock resignation from Kinda Funny

Colin Moriarty is one of the gaming industry’s leading journalist. Photo: Save As Games

Popular games journalist Colin Moriarty resigned from Kinda Funny this week; ending his tenure of work alongside his best friend Greg Miller that has left supporters in shock.

Moriarty and Miller have been side-by-side right throughout their respective careers in gaming media. After leaving IGN, the pair formed Kinda Funny and teamed up with Tim Getty’s and Nick Scarpino. What followed was a groundswell of support, and two years later Kinda Funny found themselves growing from strength to strength.

Recently, Moriarty appeared on several political shows including The Rubin Report, and it seems that whatever he does next, Moriarty will be working in that field.

Both Miller and Moriarty say that different ideas of the future direction of Kinda Funny were a factor in Moriarty’s resignation. According to all parties, Moriarty didn’t resign over his offensive tweet on International Women’s Day.

Some commentators on YouTube say that a growing tension between Moriarty and Tim Getty’s was another reason for the co-founders’ departure. Getty’s acknowledged that he and Moriarty argued at times on air, but consistently denied rumours of a rift.

The future for Kinda Funny won’t be the same without Moriarty. Plans for Miller and Moriarty’s flagship PlayStation talk show PS I LOVE YOU XOXO are up in the air, but there are talks to merge the show with a Nintendo-based show, soon to be launched by Kinda Funny.

Moriarty says he has some exciting opportunities on the horizon but is yet to make an announcement.

Disability Organisations Use Of Social Media Needs To Increase

Social media is the best way to connect with people, and for disability organisations in New Zealand, it is heavily under-used.

CCS Disability Action and Parent to Parent, two of New Zealand’s most well-known disability focused community organisations have taken a big step toward social media in the last year. Every branch of Parent to Parent has its own Facebook page, and the National body has its own as well. CCS Disability Action Waikato and CCS Disability Action Bay of Plenty have regular content going on their own Facebook pages, but it has only been in the last year that this has really “stepped up a notch”.

Behind the scenes, both organisations are well aware that their use of social media needs to be increased.

It’s not like organisations in the disability sector are the only ones slightly behind on the social media front either. Nearly every business now days, even not-for-profit charities, need to be focusing their marketing strategies to the online spectrum, and sites like Facebook are hugely crucial because that is where the people are. Continue reading Disability Organisations Use Of Social Media Needs To Increase

Facebook Buying Out Twitter Seems More Logical Than Google

Twitter will likely be taken over soon, but will it be Facebook or Google who claim the prize?

It is fair to say that both Facebook and Google wouldn’t mind adding Twitter, once a monster power in the world of social media, to its resume.

Facebook has over 1.44billion users per month while Google+ is believed to have 2.5 billion users in total.

Buying Twitter would be a major ego boost for everyone at Facebook though.

Google already has full control and ownership of YouTube, the world’s most popular video sharing and streaming service that Google says has clicks from “one third” of all people on the Internet.

That is over one billion users using YouTube around the world.

Facebook taking over Twitter is far more logical.

Not only would Facebook take control arguably their biggest rival, but it would add just another missile to an already dominating social media platform that continues to grow and evolve.

Google+ and YouTube are simply not as mobile-friendly as Facebook has always been.

News Corp was also rumoured to be interested in purchasing Twitter, but the company was quick to deny any plans.

Twitter is currently worth around $1billion.