What Happened To My Voice Matters?

My Voice Matters has fallen into obscurity after such a positive wave of momentum prior to the 2017 General Election. 

The campaign aims to engage disabled voters with their politicians and to have both parties involved in positive discussions about disability issues.

At the “My Voice Matters” candidates forum in September; a large crowd was on hand to discuss a variety of issues including access legislation, housing, and employment. Politicians from the majority of the major parties were present, including long-time disability rights MP from the Green Party; Mojo Mathers.

But since the election; My Voice Matters has fallen into obscurity, and it could be a big lost opportunity.

What Happened To My Voice Matters?

The beauty of My Voice Matters is that it doesn’t only encourage the disability community to get out and vote on election day; but it also educates on how to do so. Without some of the information that My Voice Matters provided, the turnout rate of disabled voters in 2016 would’ve been even worse.

But it’s not just about voting, or knowing how and where to vote. The power of having a space for open, political dialogue within the disability community is vital. Such discussions can’t just be had by certain providers and group organisations.

My Voice Matters was something fresh; something that also aimed to utilise modern social media technologies like Facebook and Twitter through live video. The key to all of that is how accessible social media is to most disabled people, and also, that it taps into a huge number of disabled people who may not have entered the political discussion before.

Whilst My Voice Matters may advertise itself as a mover and shaker during election time; what it does in the interim needs to be thought about too.


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